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Loft Ladder

My Search to Find the Ideal Loft Ladder

When I began my search to learn everything I could about a loft ladder I started out by researching the benefits of a loft ladder, different types of loft ladder and how they can be used to utilize the roof or attic space in a house.

What I found was that a loft ladder will give you access to that area under your roof which is largely wasted in most houses. I had always thought that you could only use the loft or attic area for storing odds and ends that you don’t use much. Things like luggage, Christmas decorations, books that I have previously read, in short a “junk” room.

I was surprised to learn that because a loft ladder makes it easy to enter and exit your loft or attic, many people create extra living space in this area. I found out that they often make an extra bedroom, study, reading room or even teenage retreat.

One thing that concerned me was whether I needed to get approval from the local authorities and this seems to differ from area to area so I guess the safe way is to ensure that you check with them before doing anything.

The most popular loft ladder is the one made of timber because it is sturdy and durable and can be made with a wider tread which makes it easier to use. The thing I liked most was that it can be stained or painted to blend with the existing décor so that it becomes less conspicuous.

Although aluminum loft ladders are easier to use because of their lightness they are noisier than the timber variety which may mean you can disturb other people in the house should you decide to use it late at night.

I particularly like the idea of an electric loft ladder. They are so easy to use, just the press of a button and down it comes, another press and back up it goes. Just my style no pulling or tugging to move my loft ladder!

One big advantage they have is that they can be fitted with an automatic stop sensor so that if a pet or small child happens to wander in the way of the ladder, it senses their presence and automatically stops. What a wonderful safety feature.

I hope you have found my story interesting and if you would like to learn more about a loft ladder and what it can do for you, please read my other articles.