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Loft Ladder

Are you interested in the features and benefits of an access ladder? If so, in this article we’re going to talk about the loft ladder, wooden loft ladders and electric loft ladders.

That means that after you have finished reading this article you will know about a loft ladder and how it can increase the usable space in your home to give you more storage.

We will also talk about the wooden loft ladder which will give you a choice of finishes to match your home and the electric loft ladder which gives you the easiest means of accessing your new found storage space.

First of all, let’s go over a brief and general overview of the loft ladder.

The loft ladder is important because it gives you increased space within your home for a relatively low cost. It allows you to use the space within your roof or attic, or even over your garage, space that at present is being wasted.

Most homes do not utilize the space within the roof but it can provide so much extra storage to store all kinds of things, but particularly things that you do not use very often. A loft ladder gives you an easy means of access to this space.

Generally the space within your roof is warm, dry and a safe environment where you can store almost anything. Perhaps you have books, collectible items, Christmas decorations, luggage that is used infrequently and a whole variety of items that are no longer used but kept for sentimental reasons. Generally you can store in your loft or attic those things that take up unnecessary space within your living areas and so reduce clutter and untidiness.

If the head room in the roof is high enough, you may be able to convert it to additional living area in the form of a study, reading room, an extra bedroom or teenager’s retreat. You may need to get approval from your local authorities before doing this work.

Secondly, we will now look at the wooden loft ladder.

The wooden loft ladder is one of the most popular types used for accessing the storage space within your loft or attic. This type of ladder is sturdy and durable and is usually constructed from either spruce or pine timber and they can be made to fold or slide so that they are less conspicuous.

One of the advantages of the wooden loft ladder, apart from their sturdiness and durability, is that you have your choice of finish. So for example, you might choose to paint it or stain it to match the color scheme in your home which helps it blend into your home.

You also have more flexibility in tread size so that you can have a wider tread which makes it easier to use. Wooden loft ladders are quieter than the aluminum version so that you do not disturb the rest of the house if you happen to use it in the evening when someone else is watching TV or maybe even in bed.

Finally we now turn to the electric loft ladder.

This type of ladder provides the easiest means of access to your loft or attic. There is no need to pull or tug on an overhead ladder to use it. Just push a button to lower it and when finished just push the button again to raise it back into place. So simple!

If you have small children or pets then you know how easily they can quickly get themselves into a situation that calls for quick action. This can happen despite your best efforts to maintain control. Let’s face it children and pets have an uncanny knack of doing the unexpected so quickly.

The answer to avoid a potentially nasty accident is to have your electric loft ladder fitted with an emergency stop sensor so that if the ladder “senses” something is in the way, it automatically stops.

In conclusion, an access ladder is a loft ladder and can be a wooden loft ladder or an electric loft ladder. In this article we looked at how a loft ladder can give you more usable space in your house at a relatively low cost.

We also looked at the wooden loft ladder which is sturdy and durable and can be easily decorated to suit your décor as well as being quiet to use.

Finally we discussed the importance of the ease of use of an electric loft ladder which can also be fitted with an emergency sensor stop to prevent accidents.

Please remember however that just by checking out this article you are not going to instantly become a master of access ladders. If you really want to know more about access ladders we recommend that you check out some of our other articles.